Briefing: Clarity on the Moray Wellbeing Hub project & changes to Mental Health services by Moray Health & Social Care

Moray Health and Social Care are in the process of making some significant changes to their mental health services in Moray.

As part of our commitment to supporting wellbeing in Moray, the Moray Wellbeing Hub project will be offering support as appropriate to services and individuals affected. For example, we were present at the recent meeting at Moray Anchor Projects on decommissioning their service in favour of using funds toward a new Mental Health ‘base’ service for Moray.

Moray Health & Social Care have produced this briefing which has more information on these changes. A new future for mental health services in Moray July 2016

We realised that the language surrounding these changes coincides with core elements of our project, causing potential confusion and misunderstanding.

To help support our Champions understand these changes and clarify the position between our hub project and the new mental health ‘base’ we created a briefing statement.1607 MWH Champions update on changes in moray health and social care MH services. This document has been shared with our Champions, but we have also decided that it would be useful to share more widely. We welcome your comments, relfections and feedback.

Links: Alzheimers & dementia summit

From time to time our Champions suggest information and links that others might find interesting from a wide range of sources. The following comes from Champion Maurizia.

Alzheimers & Dementia Summit: “I have been following summits for a while.
The summit is free, just sign up, starts on Monday 25th July, 30+ interviews with leading experts, high quality information for everyone. I thought the Champions might want to have a look at it.”

Champions: Training & workshops upcoming this Autumn

We are proud to announce a range of training available to, and delivered by, our Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions this Autumn. More details will be available later this month, but we welcome applications from any of our Champions (all welcome to sign up to this role, details here.)

Honest, Open & Proud: 4 evening sessions from late August. Designed to decision making about disclosing information about mental health conditions. Read more in our blog from Champions who attended the training in Glasgow.
Download our HOP Leaflet here

ULab:  An exciting approach to creating change in our communities and personally as part of a global movement. Our blog post on the July taster session has more details. We are exploring how we can support a focused ULab ‘hub’ or learning group as the course starts 8th September is free and available online for all. We will probably run a taster prior to this late August, but as we run so many workshops in the evening we may need to gauge interest from champions as to a day or evening approach.

See Me Community Champions’ training: See me are running national training that covers a range of key skills Champions may need to help create change. You can read about what this includes on their website, as well as sign up to attend training elsewhere in Scotland, but as there are so many keen people in Moray we will run it here later in the autumn and link up with the national events for some socialising and cross-fertilisation of ideas!

Storytelling & gratitude workshops: We are yet to hone down what these might focus on, but the power of both approaches in supporting change is something we are keen to offer.

What other training would you like us to offer locally? Get in touch if you have ideas on what would help our Champions feel inspired and more empowered. We are especially keen to hear from Champions who can offer their peers training.

Moray Wellbeing Hub project – July activities & outreach.

July activities:

Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions’ Forums, 6th & 20th – Discussion surrounded on setting the project’s values and vision. The events were much smaller that the first forum in June, partly because of the holiday season we had around 10 people at each session as well as input from others via email. The smaller group size was well received by those that attended as they reported being better able to get to know each other, have deeper conversations and feel supported. The work created at this event will shape our project and Champions will have the change to shape this further at our next, much larger, celebration event on the 26th August.

Ulab taster, 12th July. (see post for details)

Forres Pop-up hub, 14th July – Our monthly pop-up in the Community Cafe explored the topic of values again with a very wide Change Conversation enjoyed by 7 people. Feedback about what people found useful for them included -“I will  be thinking of what I value, and valuing these.” “I like the way the conversation opened up and our own values were discussed within the group.” ” Brining about changes when we, meet other or new people.” “Feeling you are needed.”

WRAP Workshop, 2 days, 16th & 23rd – Although not a MWH project session, many Champions did attend this workshops with a total of 16 participants joining the course. A full reflection will follow later this month when feedback is collated.

July outreach:

This month we have been welcomed into a range of groups in Moray to hear more about the project, network and to look at how we might work as partners to achieve greater wellbeing for people in Moray. Here is a run-down of who we spoke to.

SAMH, outreach drop-in session, Forres, 7th July – Two of us attended this session in the Community Centre and were given another warm welcome by SAMH staff and service users. Great to see some familiar faces as well as new ones.

TSI Health and Wellbeing Forum, 18th July – Attended this and networked with a few useful organisations plus received some great information about what the library at Dr Grays can help us with in terms of research support.

Moray Mental Health, board meeting 19th July – We were asked to join their meeting to get a better understanding of how they work and what we could do in partnership to help each other. They are a very friendly peer support group that meet weekly in the Moray Resource centre on a Saturday as well as run bus trips. They are very open to new members.

Moray Anchor Projects (Horizons & Step Forward), service user meeting regarding service decommissioning, 21st July –  We attended to support the community members directly affected. We have since developed an information sheet to bring clarity regarding the upcoming commissioning by Moray Health and Social Care of a new service to replace this.

Affa Sair, support group for those with chronic pain, July 27th – This group meet at Moray College and were very welcoming. We had a few more people sign up to our mailing list and interest in the Champion’s role as well. You can find details about the group via facebook.

Partnership meetings:

Aside from outreach to groups we have also been in contact with some other potential partners including Dyslexia Scotland and Transition Town Forres.

Reflections: ‘Asset Based Community Development’, 22nd June, Maryhill Group Practice

From time to time our Champions share their reflections on the experiences they have as part of our project, with the aim of capturing what worked for them, lessons learned and what they might do next. Beyond this we hope to help inspire others, record our project journey and celebrate expediences of change.

Community Renewal (CR) is currently supporting 2 GP Practices in Elgin for the community engagement theme of the Modernising Primary Care project. As part of the work with the Maryhill (Elgin Health Centre) Practice Engagement, and in partnership with TSI Moray, they hope to introduce the idea of engaging with patients as “Community Connectors”. To support the Practice to understand the idea of patients as “assets” CR, tsiMORAY and Public Health are hosted a lunchtime workshop on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) in the Practice.

Practice staff attended alongside local partners, including our Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions. Here are some of the reflections from that event;

“The experience was eye opening; we discussed things I’d never thought about.”

“We did an exercise called community pie designed to get patients and practice staff to realise we all have talents and look at things from lots of angles. The aim was to build up the capacity in the community. Show that we can work together as partners.”

“Practice staff were there in their protected learning time, and the suggestion is to perhaps have more community members involved in training and the practice.”

David’s reflections were recorded in conversation with Heidi.


Events: Disability and the arts, Culture Cafe event in Forres 21st July 7pm

This is not a Moray Wellbeing Hub project event – please contact the organisers directly for details and to book.

This Culture Café will focus on disability in the arts, an expansive topic to discuss in one night but host Karl has said of the evening, “The aim of this Culture Cafe event will be to encourage and stimulate conversation and generally raise the profile of disability in the arts; from access and inclusion to participation and the work of artists who identify as disabled. This is pretty huge and brings with it issues, not least categorising all conditions and impairments as as the same, but generally speaking there is still a lack of awareness and understanding, my hit is to just open it wide.”

FREE BUT ESSENTIAL TO BOOK IN ADVANCE – To find out more visit the event’s booking page.


Reflections: Wellbeing Hub monthly pop-up Forres, Change Conversation on values.

This week’s pop-up hub at the community café in Forres was attended by a mix of new faces and regulars, including a couple of our champions. People popped in and out of the conversation as other commitments allowed and over the course of our two hours together we had eleven people contribute.

The focus of the conversation was on values and the discussion was very wide ranging, and at times, extremely deep and emotional. Here are some reflections and snippets from our discussion:

Keywords: Resilience, connection, authenticity, change, friendship, perspective, identity

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Reflections: ULab taster session, Elgin – 12th July 2016

ULab is an  exciting approach that the Scottish Government are keen to see evolve here which is run by MIT researchers as part of a global movement for community / social change. You can read a lot more about it in this helpful blog from SCVO here.

Last year there were hubs or groups all over Scotland, including many of the leaders in the third sector as well as other industry leaders in Scotland.

The Moray Wellbeing Hub project will be using Ulab as part our approach to support change for individuals and the wider community this year. This event promised to be a good way to introduce the subject to more of our champions and gain more interest in doing the course.

Eight of us attended the event, which made up almost half of all who were there – really reassuring for myself as the lead on the project that so many of us are on the same page, and thank you to all of them for going along.

Here are some of my personal short reflections / learning from the event:

  • People spoke about process being powerful and moving beyond set mindsets. They talked about how looking at change was easier in a group.
  • There were discussions led from both peoples personal and business lives and their reflections on what is working, what they love and what they need to let go of to make things happen that they want to create.
  • Keywords – open, adaptable, future, visioning, action, practice, transform, observe, reflect, transform.

Next steps: For the Moray Wellbeing Hub project we plan to run a 90min introduction module as a way to kick start interest in Ulab locally and with champions.

ULab starts on the 8th of September for 8weeks, although materials can be completed at your own pace, and there are three live sessions. We will be sharing more about this in the run up to Ulab to help increase understanding and uptake for anyone in the Moray area. We also hope to be able to go to an event in the central belt in December to be part of the wider #ulabscot movement.

Here are some other reflections from another champion at the event:

Chris shared, “During the various exercises I made a fantastic connection with a person who will be working with me in the future, I’m sure.”


Event: Great attendance at first Champions forum, 22nd June

A massive thank you to those who came along on the 22nd of June for our first forum. It was amazing to be in a room with so many people keen to take action and make the hub a reality. We had 28 people who very patiently explored the foundations of the project, shared their thoughts, and created a very welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Thank you also for those who gave their feedback. There is always things to learn from: There was too many words, not enough pictures. Too much information at once and we should break it down in future.

In terms of what people enjoyed: Comments included that the atmosphere was open, really supportive and felt comfortable to contribute, people valued a chance to comment, and that it was good that the process was the focus not just the end point.

Our next forum will be on the 6th of July at Dunbarney House 6-8pm.