Reflections: Inspirational authors and changing our thinking

Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion Pauline shares some reflections, inspired by a conversation at one of our Living Life to The Full courses, on how we can change our thinking to get more from life and what authors have inspired her.

Two sayings I’ve learned to live my life by:

“Thoughts become things.” Mike Dooley

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer   (deceased)

Inspirational speakers and writers, both can be followed on Facebook (and probably elsewhere but that’s the only social media I use)

There are also loads of videos on Youtube.

If you go to Mike Dooley’s web site you can sign up for an email up to 5 days a week. and click on “Sign up for the Notes” (from the Universe).  Its just a little nudge each day, often humorous, always thoughtful, some may appear a little convoluted until you get used to his way of talking – and thinking.  I signed up years ago and have found it inspiring.  5 days a week I know something positive is going to drop into my inbox.  If you sign up the message is mostly just 2 or 3 lines but scroll down the email as he always puts a tag line at the end.  Oh and you don’t receive tons of junk mail when you sign up either.

Oh and lastly a book I recommend everyone read: Mike Dooley’s “The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You.”

Reflections: 3rd Ulab Hub meeting, 5th October 2016

‘Humans without hats’
“Is that the wrongness of them or is that the strongness of them?”

Three of us met in Elgin to catch up and explore ULab from a Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion perspective. Below are some notes and reflections on that discussion.

Core themes were human experience, moving beyond labels to connect with others in Ulab, and the theme of stigma in relation to mental illness and ULab – much of what Ulab asks us to connect with can also be viewed from an illness perspective as well as a positive one. Continue reading

Reflections: Peer Research Collective, Mental Health Foundation, Glasgow. 23rd September 2016

The Moray Wellbeing Hub project is linked to wider networks out with its geographic focus through partners, supporters, but also the individual networks that Champions are part of.

This is vital in both sharing the learning we are gathering in Moray, but also in creating the wider change we want to see for wellbeing in Scotland, the UK and globally which ultimately affects us all. Continue reading

Reflections: Depressed cake shop pop-up, 24th Sept, Forres Culture Day

“I think is great to use creative approaches in challenging stigma and I would think the depressed cakes are certainly one of them. And it’s happening across the country – there’s a depressed cake movement. How great!”
Feedback from a volunteer baker.

We nearly blew away entirely at Culture Day this year! The wind was so strong and with multiple venue challenges, we ended up outside the Falconer museum in Forres under a 20160924_depressed-cake-shop-gazeeboborrowed Gazebo. With some very cleaver rope work and some concrete breeze blocks,  we were just about safe from most gusts and set up a lovely stall with our donated cake. Continue reading

New Buckie Peer Support Group: First meeting, 7-9pm, 1st Nov, Phoenix Centre.

Led by some of our local Buckie Champions and supported by our partners at Phoenix Centre, we are pleased to announce the first meeting of a new peer support group for recovery and wellbeing will meet on the 1st of November, 7-9pm.

The evening will focus on exploring what people want from a peer group, including looking at what others have started in different areas for ideas. The event will be facilitated by Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions who are also WRAP facilitators, and will aim to create something that best suits those who come along from the local area. Refreshments and all materials will be provided.

Moray WRAP Facilitators Group AGM: 25th October, 5.30pm – 7pm, Elgin.

The Moray WRAP facilitators Group would like to invite all previous WRAP participants, supporters, anyone interested in training as a WRAP facilitator or even those keen to attend a course soon, to come to an informal and social AGM in Elgin from 5.30pm on the 25th of October.

Al this event you will hear about what we have achieved with our funding this year, what we hope to achieve next year and how we hope to support more people to become facilitators with training in the new year.

RSVP to help us for number for the buffet and any printing of resources.