Events: Buckie Peer Support Group – 2016 meeting dates

The Buckie peer support group that meets at the Phoenix centre is still taking shape, but they have decided on some dates they are meeting and started to define what they want to aim to do.

If you want to contact the peer support group please contact them using our email and we will pass this on to them. As the group develops we will keep their meeting dates up todat on our website.

Selected notes from the group’s meeting – 14/11/16

Purpose of the group has been defined so far as a peer support group and referenced to a “Adult youth club”.

Decisions Made Tonight – Group will run 1 x Fortnight 1 Daytime and 1 Night-time

Dates set                Thursday                1st December       4pm – 6pm

Monday                  12th December   7pm – 9pm

Thursday                29th December   4pm – 6pm

Monday                  9th January            7pm – 9pm

All agreed that the group would only be open to people over 18 years.  It was agreed that information would be sourced on other supports locally to enable the group to signpost any individuals that come under 18years.