Welcome to WRAP in Moray

WRAP is a self management tool used internationally to help individuals take more control over their mental health.

WRAP has been developed as a peer support group experience, and is available to anyone in the community who wants to explore and improve their wellbeing.

Workshops last between 12-18 hours, arranged as full days or as a series of weekly sessions. These are creative and interactive experiences, supported by written resources, to appeal to a wide range of learning styles.

Recognising that people are experts on themselves, participants learn about mental health recovery and how to create their own WRAP plan using personal expediences and new ideas generated in the group.

WRAP in Moray workshops are delivered in the community by trained SRN Quality assurance Accredited WRAP Facilitators, all of whom use WRAP in their own lives to support positive mental health.


The WRAP in Moray website is run by the Moray WRAP Facilitators Group.